Hiking up Bukit Batu Putih Port Dickson for those Insta shots

bukit batu putih port dickson

If you guys are in search of a short hike worth of Instagram then head over to Bukit Batu Putih Port Dickson..

Just a short trail just before the Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse will bring you to the Batu Putih look out point. Expect crowds on weekends.

There’s some additional trails following the look-out point, one goes down to Monkey Bay where, at the end forks. Take right to Monkey Bay and left (like what we did in the video) to make a complete round the cape. It is worthwhile of your time.

To get there, head to Port Dickson on the PLUS highway. Get on the trunk road towards Melaka and look for the Lagun Biru/PNB Ilham Resort signboard to the right. Follow the road to Ilham Resort. The entry to Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse is just after the resort. Parking is ample.

  • Hikersbuncit difficulty rating: 2/5 (with unexpected twist)
  • Leech Attack: 0/5

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